• CODY, Wyoming –November 13, 2018– JCA Companies affiliate Titan Casing has partnered with one of the largest E&P companies in Colorado and Ensign USD to enhance oilfield safety and reduce environmental concerns on drilling locations. By utilizing a drilling rig’s hydraulic systems to operate casing power tongs, rather than diesel powered Hydraulic Power Units, Titan Casing has made a large step forward in making drilling locations safer, more economical and environmentally friendly. This new process is a breakthrough in the industry, and an overall win for Colorado as it significantly cuts down on diesel consumption, potential hazardous spills and work site traffic obstacles on drilling locations. Furthermore, the noise reduction is substantial, which benefits those residential or commercial properties in close proximity. Erik Rodriguez, Titan Casing Vice President, said, “On October

  • JCA Companies subsidiary C-MOR Energy Services has received its 60th order in 2018 for its patent-pending, rig-mounted lighting system which is called “The Crown Jewel.” Launched in 2018, C-MOR’s “Crown Jewel” provides daytime quality light from 180 feet high on the rig’s crown, and its “Tower of Light” system, which provides light from the ground, have both taken flight with some of the largest U.S. E&P companies. Customers have called this the “best rig safety innovation in 2018”. Responding to requests from customers with increasing demand for lighting on a wide variety of rig types including workover rigs, C-MOR has successfully trimmed more than 300 pounds from the original weight of “The Crown Jewel,” making it possible to offer rig operators a rig-mounted lighting system that weighs less than 500 pounds. O

  • JCA Companies subsidiary C-MOR Energy Services is proud to announce the launch of its newest oilfield lighting innovation: the patent-pending C-MOR Mobile Lighting System. The newest C-MOR innovation consists of mobile light towers available in multiple configurations extending and articulating 40 to 125 feet above ground. The mobility of the system allows for site lighting flexibility, thereby achieving maximum light coverage where needed most. In doing so, light is projected downward, increasing nighttime employee safety by eliminating the dark spots that standard light towers have historically been unable to accomplish. C-MOR lighting engineers carefully studied site location designs to precisely position each LED lamp in directions which limit shading and shadowing, and limit light dissipation. As a result, the system achieves maximum light extension over 150 yards in all directions

  • CODY, Wyo., May 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — JCA Companies (“JCA”) announced today that its subsidiary C-MOR Energy Services (formally C&M Oilfield Rentals. “C-MOR” or “the Company”) is launching two new products including its patent-pending rig mounted lighting system called “The Crown Jewel,” and its “Tower of Light” System, which provides light from the ground. “The Crown Jewel,” weighing under 800 pounds, is the lightest, brightest rig mounted site lighting system that exists. Unlike most pad site lighting requiring diesel fuel, C-MOR’s lighting system runs off the rig’s power source and only requires a 240V breaker with as little as a 30-amp draw. This allows significant economic savings and an overall lower carbon footprint. The customization, engineering and flexibility of design allow for use